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From left to right: Dr Josep Lluis Ferré, BioLab CSO and Josep Puig, company CEO (Photo: Daniel Portales, Barcelona Science Park).

DD BioLab strengthens its leadership in the Spanish biotechnology sector

The acquisition of Cultek and Teknovas by the Dutscher Group, the leading independent distributor of laboratory supplies in Europe, its Spanish subsidiary, DD BioLab, as the leading supplier in Spain of scientific instruments, consumables and laboratory equipment for research in biotechnology and health. Since it was established in Barcelona Science Park in 2014, DD BioLab has registered sustained 39% annual growth. In 2018, its turnover was around €5M and it expects to exceed €10M in 2022. 


Dutscher Group, the largest independent distributor of laboratory supplies in Europe, has acquired Cultek and Teknovas, two of the most important suppliers to the Spanish life sciences market. The operation will strengthen their subsidiary DD BioLab, located in Barcelona Science Park, as the leading distributor in Spain of products and services for biotechnology and pharmacy firms and public and private research centres in the biomedical, agrofood, chemical, cosmetic and animal health sectors.

According to Josep Puig, cofounder and CEO of DD BioLab, “After the acquisition of Cultek and Teknovas, we have tripled our market share in Spain, with 35% in the life sciences sector and 55% in biotechnology. This makes us leading suppliers in this segment, enabling us to consolidate an innovative and fast-growing distribution business model. We celebrated our 5th anniversary in July with very positive results for the Dutscher Group; this is hugely satisfying given that we are competing with major multinational corporations”.

Through this operation, Dutscher, with a turnover of more than 230 million euros and subsidiaries in eight countries (Germany, Slovakia, Spain, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Czech Republic and Switzerland), has consolidated its position in the European market, while increasing the catalogue of all the group companies, which will have access to a larger portfolio of leading world brands.

In the words of Dominique Wencker, Dutscher CEO: “Our group is known for the quality of its service and technical support, its close relationships with its clients, its ability to supply based on its extensive stocks and a leading logistics policy in its sector. The addition of Cultek and Teknovas to Dutscher will strengthen the groups’ position in Spain, enabling us to share synergies and new opportunities to improve our services and customer satisfaction. We are particularly excited by the new geographic scope of our group and its activities”.

Exponential growth

DD BioLab started to operate in 2014 in Barcelona Science Park under the leadership of Josep Puig (company CEO) and Dr Josep Lluis Ferré (now the CSO), both with more than 20 years’ experience in leading sector players. The two of them were responsible for designing and developing the strategy of the international Dutscher Group in Spain.

Since it was set up five years ago, the company has registered 39% sustained annual growth. In 2018 its turnover was €5M and it expects to exceed €10M in 2022.

With more than 96,000 products, DD BioLab has the second largest catalogue in Europe of material for life science laboratories, available in an online version.

According to Josep Lluis Ferré, cofounder and CSO, “Our business philosophy involves maintaining very close relationships with our clients, based on trust, personalised service and the scientific advice required to guarantee successful operations. We provide technical collaboration in all specific applications, both in the fields of cell culture and molecular biology, one of our strong points, and in other biotechnology and life science fields in general”.