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CETIR and the PCB sign an agreement to facilitate the mutual exchange of knowledge and technology

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CETIR and the PCB sign an agreement to facilitate the mutual exchange of knowledge and technology

The Barcelona Science Park Foundation and the CETIR Medical Group have sign a partnership agreement in order to initiate scientific-technical and innovation exchanges in any area and especially in areas related with the different fields of diagnostic imaging. The general director of the Barcelona Science Park Foundation, Fernando Albericio, and the general director of the CETIR Medical Group, José Costansa Llesuy, have participated in the signing of this agreement.

The development of this initial partnership will be regulated by an annual programme that will have been previously agreed upon and which foresees, amongst other objectives, the joint organization of research and science promotion activities, the exchange of research materials, scientific documents and publications, the organization of visits for researchers and professionals and easier access of the CETIR to the PCB’s technological platforms as well as that of personnel working at platforms at CETIR facilities. In order to facilitate the identification of topics of mutual interest in the field of research, both institutions have committed to the regular exchange of information on the scientific initiatives that are presently being carried out or that have been finalized.

As established in the agreement, each institution will assign a coordinator in charge of supervising the development of this cooperation, as proposed and set forth by specific agreements or contracts in accordance with the activity programme selected to be promoted. Likewise, coordinators will develop a draft of the outcome of the actions undertaken that will be submitted to the corresponding scientific authorities.

Within the framework of this agreement, CETIR has also signed a collaboration agreement with the GAEM Foundation (Group of People with Multiple Sclerosis), located at the Barcelona Science Park, with the aim of offering these patients its material and human resources by providing the performance of diagnostic and monitoring imaging tests for multiple sclerosis free of charge to patients who cannot afford these tests due to their economic situation.

CETIR Medical Group encompasses a group of Health Care Services companies dedicated to Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine, with the aim of providing the system with diagnostic resources and the technological guarantee of the best qualified professionals and operative excellence. At present it accommodates a human team comprised of 400 people working in 20 centers and manages 1,500 patients daily.