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Bionure will move into the clinical phase with a neuroprotective drug

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Bionure will move into the clinical phase with a neuroprotective drug

Bionure, a biotechnology company based in the Barcelona Science Park i specialized in the search for strategies to control multiple sclerosis, will be able to start the clinical trial phase of its products with phase I screening for safety involving patients in 2013, which is ahead of the initial business plan schedule. Headed by CEO Albert G. Zamora and CSO Pablo Villoslada, this was the main conclusion and objective set by the management board of this spinoff company during its recent strategic reorientation.

This new step forward by the company founded in October 2009 around the Institut d’Investigacions Biomèdiques August Pi i Sunyer (Hospital Clínic-UB-CSIC) happens just one year after a successful first round of investment of 0.6 million Euros and after having mastered all challenges and objectives of the business plan.

The intention now is to move forward with the regulatory preclinical development phases of a neuroprotective drug after having achieved very positive results in terms of efficiency, bioavailability and drug action in order to reach the above-mentioned clinical phase. These preliminary but very promising findings will be presented at the meeting of the American Academy of Neurology in New Orleans in April.

At the same time, the Bionure board has managed to consolidate the company structure with the creation of its headquarters at the Parc Científic in Barcelona. Another achievement was the company going global with its internationalization to San José (Silicon Valley, California-USA). All this could happen due to the public-private funding of 2 million Euros a little over two years ago. In this initial phase, the company counted on investors like Digna Biotech, Prous Institute for Biomedical Research, Galenicun, Pharmaphénix, Meeting Farma and representatives of the Roig Jofré, Uriach y Monrás families. It must be emphasized that a Management Council has been constituted. Also, an Advisory Board has been created that counts on two world leading members including the North American Larry Stein – Professor at Standford and discoverer of Natlizumab, one of the five drugs to treat multiple sclerosi that are currently on the market – and the Catalan Joaquin Francisco Trias – economist and successful business man located in San Francisco – who has already participated in successful projects with Bionure.

With the development of more efficient and reliable innovative treatments, Bionure”s mission is to improve the control of multiple sclerosis and other neurological and ophthalmological diseases. Its goal is to identify and to take over different research projects from the academic field (universities, hospitals, research centers) that have a strong business potential and that can answer unmet medical needs.

Initially, the company focused on neuroprotective treatments for multiple sclerosis. The company also foresees the identification of biomarkers that can be developed to diagnose and predict the disease. The assessment of these projects and their evolution will be done at a more advanced stage (for example, after completion of the preclinical and initial clinical phases).