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Bicosome has been awarded with EcoVadis Gold Medal for its sustainability practices

Bicosome has been awarded a Gold Rating of the EcoVadis certification, placing it in the top 5% of the companies that receive this rating. Initiatives around Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), focused on minimizing environmental impact, and promoting ethical operations have always been a core driver for Bicosome. The company continued to build upon these programs in recent years, leading it to this recognition, where Bicosome stands out in the categories of ethics, environment, and human rights.

Lucyanna Barbosa Barros, CEO, commented “The trust that the personal care industry has in EcoVadis with their business sustainability ratings means a lot to Bicosome. This award is not only for our company, but for all our employees devoted to maintaining and improving the pillars with which EcoVadis stands upon.”

“The Bicosome CSR procedures are transversal relating to all employees and partners in the value chain, including but not limited to suppliers, contract manufacturers, contract research organizations, distributors, and consultants. The values behind the Bicosome CSR are ones that employees are encouraged to follow both at the company and in daily life”.

Some of the Bicosome’s recent achievements include developing Best Practice guidelines related with the environment, quality, data protection, an ethics code, as well as ensuring team diversification, work flexibility, and measuring employee satisfaction.

Gelen Rodriguez, Technical Director of Bicosome, highlighted that “having high quality standards is key for the engagement of internal and external partners and involves a creative mindset so that CSR procedures are adequate to the company and have credibility with all stakeholders”.

To continue the positive impact Bicosome has on the environment and people, plans have been identified surrounding woman empowerment programs and increased participation in projects that favour the sustainable development goals.

Martha Vázquez, who leads Bicosome CSR activities, stated “We take a holistic approach to CSR, including the categories it is comprised of as well as how suppliers and customers can make an impact. We use the gaps that we see as opportunities to set new goals and continue improvement.”