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Image / Bicosome.

Bicosome acquires new patents of biomimetic lipid gel skincare platorm

Bicosome company, based in the Barcelona Science Park, announces the license of two patents developed at the Institute of Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia from the Spanish National Research Council (IQAC-CSIC). The new technological platforms made of only lipids and water do not need the presence of polymers, surfactants, or other gelling agents, bringing valuable benefits for skin care, especially sensitive skin.

According to Bicosome Technical Director, Dra Gelen Rodriguez, “the structure and fluidity of the biomimetic gels respond in a reversible way to temperature and pH and their rheological behaviour makes them easy to apply topically. They will be able to be used at a surface level as a cutaneous acid mantle substitute, protecting the skin as well as acting as a reservoir for target molecules.”

The collaboration between Bicosome and IQAC is long term and focused on generating natural, sustainable, and environmentally friendly solutions for skin care. Their first collaboration gave rise to the Bicosome dual delivery systems patent, a nanostructured technology that mimics the lamellar bodies’ transportation function into target skin layers. This patent generated most products within the current Bicosome portfolio.

The new lipid gel patents are complementary to Biosome’s current IP for skin delivery. Dra Olga Lopez, leader of the invention and Scientist at IQAC – CSIC, states: “The biomimetic gels have a unique organization, with part of the water being trapped in a framework of lipid structures. This makes them ample to transport actives of a different nature due to the actives being in different compartments.”

The gels exclusive hydrolipidic composition guarantees a high biocompatibility, and its capacity to respond to biological parameters points to promising applications in future products.

In the opinion of the Bicosome CEO Dra. Lucyanna Barros, “these new technologies are perfectly in line with the company’s mission to create innovative technologies mimicking skin functions in order to provide customers with sophisticated nature driven skin delivery solutions.”

Bicosome estimates that the first products with this new technology will be fully available for customers in two years.

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