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Barcelona Science Park invites the public to take part in research

By 23 de October de 2008November 18th, 2020No Comments
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Barcelona Science Park invites the public to take part in research

This week sees the opening of the third edition of , a series of workshops organized by the Barcelona Science Park (PCB) and Caixa Catalunya. Those who attend can do some of the experiments that are now being carried out in the laboratories at the PCB. Entrance is free, and the events will be held at La Pedrera de Caixa Catalunya (Passeig de Gràcia, 92), every Saturday at 11:00 from the 25th October to 29th November. Also on offer during the week is the OpenLAB at the PCB, aimed at the educational community. A total of 15,000 people could "be researchers" during this new series of events.

This experience is almost unique in the city, since it is the researchers themselves who are inviting the public to perform experiments within their current research. They have transferred part of their laboratories and the equipment they use to the workshops, to give the public direct experience of their work.

A wide variety of subjects will be dealt with in these workshops, ranging from how to investigate a crime and identify the perpetrator from the analysis of a few DNA samples, to the use of the fruit fly to study diseases such as cancer. Other experiments cover the various stages of the development of a new drug, and visitors can participate in the synthesis of a drug to treat Parkinson’s disease. The choice of workshop is free, but to take part in one you must make a reservation first, because the number of places is limited.

The series will be opened at La Pedrera de Caixa Catalunya (Passeig de Gràcia, 92), on Saturday at 11:00. The event is specially aimed at young people, although it is open to all members of the public. So if you want you can come alone, or with friends, or with the family, to take part in and enjoy the experience. The activities will be monitored by researchers from the Barcelona Institute for Biomedical Research, the Platform for Combinatorial Chemistry at the PCB, and the Psychology Faculty at Barcelona University (Universitat de Barcelona), who will also introduce their research.

“Do research!” is part of the programme at the Barcelona Science Park, which aims to improve scientific culture in our society and foment scientific vocation among young students. These workshops are organized within the framework of the R+D+I activities run by the Obra Social de Caixa Catalunya to foster research, technology development and technological innovation and modernization. The aim is to give a necessary impulse to this important sector.