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Advancell Presents New Strategic Plan

By 30 de September de 2008November 18th, 2020No Comments
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Advancell Presents New Strategic Plan

Advancell, a biotech firm focusing on nanomedicine from its headquarters at the Barcelona Science Park, has just presented its Strategic Plan 2009-2013 in Madrid. In the plan, Advancell sets out its intention to increase in value by a factor of five, reaching total revenues of 15.5 million euros. To this end, the firm aims to expand sales of its innovative cellular reagents and to drive its therapeutic developments forward in clinical trials.

In the plan, which was presented by Chairman Davide Sirtoli and CEO Luis Ruiz-Ávila, Advancell will be restructured into three differentiated but complementary business units: Alternative Testing, Nanosystems and Therapeutics. For each business unit, the plan sets a number of goals concerning the unit’s R&D investment, staff growth and number of projects and products.

Alternative Testings will focus on manufacturing in vitro models as alternatives to animal experimentation, offering predictive data on drug efficacy and safety more quickly and at less cost than traditional methods. The unit intends to bolster its portfolio of services and reagents, particularly where they contain innovative components, and reach an overall revenue figure of at least seven million euros by 2013. In addition, the unit’s R&D investment is set to double from 0.4 million euros in 2008 to 0.9 by 2013, with staff size rising from 24 to 34 people and a new reagent annually coming on the market.

The Nanosystems unit encompasses all nanomedicine at Advancell and will enable the firm to focus on creating innovative clinical candidates at costs below industry standard. Nanosystems intends to reach revenues of 2.5 million euros by 2013 and achieve a market value in the vicinity of 35 million euros. In addition, the unit’s R&D investment is set to double from 0.6 to 1.3 million euros, with increases in staffing and the number of projects in clinical stages.

Lastly, the Therapeutics unit will be focused on repositioning known drugs. Advancell’s goal is to achieve a valuation of 120 million euros for the unit, with at least three projects in stages two or three, two projects in the proof of concept stage, and four projects in preclinical stages less than two years from proof of concept. The R&D investment for Therapeutics will be increased by a factor of eight from 1 to 8 million euros and staff size will also be increased.

Advancell, in collaboration with Isdin, currently has a psoriasis treatment at the clinical stage. The company is also developing a new orphan drug for leukemia jointly with the British laboratory Protherics.