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Advancell in a European project to reduce the number of laboratory animals used in experimentation

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Advancell in a European project to reduce the number of laboratory animals used in experimentation

The company (Advanced in Vitro Cell Technologies) has joined a research project "A-Cute-Tox" (Acute Toxicity) promoted by the European Union which aims to reduce and progressively substitute the use of laboratory animals in experimentation. The project will study new methodologies and strategies in vitro to design models that allow the prediction of the toxicity of new drugs, cosmetics, and chemical substances in general, on humans and animals, while ensuring maximum levels of safety for consumers.

“A-Cute-Tox” has been developed in response to the new European policy on chemical substances. Included in the VI Framework Programme, “A-Cute-Tox” is an ambitious project with a budget of 12.5 millions euros, of which 9 million have been provided by the European Union. Started in 2005, the project includes a total of 37 institutions, universities, research centres and companies throughout Europe. One of the institutions involved is the Universitat de Barcelona (UB, University of Barcelona), which participates through the team of researchers headed by Víctor Rimbau, professor of the Pharmacology and Pharmacognosia Unit at the Faculty of Pharmacy. The project was officially presented in 2004 by the European commissioner for research, Philippe Busquin.

According to the head of R+D at Advancell and coordinator of one of the research teams involved in the project, Myriam Fabre, “our participation will allow the development of in vitro models of predictive value on toxicity and pharmacokinetics that will be validated at European level. In addition, we will have access to in vitro models that will be developed in the course of the project and this will give us priority in later commercialisation opportunities “.

The “A-Cute-Tox” project will not only contribute to reducing the number of animals used in experimental assays but will also significantly cut costs and will speed up the entire research process. Once validated, the new alternative methods to animal experimentation will become obligatory, and in the future more that 30,000 substances will be tested using these new techniques.

Advancell is located at the Parc Científic de Barcelona (PCB, Barcelona Science Park) and arose as a spin-off from the UB. The company develops and provides custom-made in vitro models of interest to the biotech, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. At present, it is undertaking in its own pharmaceutical research lines (therapeutic applications).