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Advancell develops a new method for transporting live cells

By 13 de November de 2008November 18th, 2020No Comments
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Advancell develops a new method for transporting live cells

The biotech firm , located in the Barcelona Science Park, has developed an exclusive method for transporting live cells destined for research, which has a number of advantages over existing methods. The equipment necessary for maintaining cell viability comes in kit form, and works at room temperature. The idea, which has been patented by the company, may help provide a way into new markets and contribute to the development of new cell kits in conjunction with other firms.

The method consists of using a semi-solid medium, which not only avoids the problems related to loss of quality that can arise when cells are transported in a liquid medium, but is also less complex and cheaper than transporting them frozen. Freezing is the system that tends to be used by most biotech firms.

The first reagent to use this technology, CacoReady TM, which was developed by Advancell and distributed through an agreement with the company Tebu Bio, is already proving to be a success on the European market.

Advancell has recently put forward a strategic plan aimed at achieving a five-fold increase in turnover to €15.5 million, an objective that it hopes to meet by expanding sales of its innovative cell reagents and progress to the clinical stage of its therapeutic developments.

The company currently has a treatment for psoriasis at the clinical stage, in collaboration with Isdin, and is also developing a new drug for leukaemia in a joint venture with the British laboratory Protherics.