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ACCIÓ recognises the Barcelona Science Park as a supplier for the Innovation Coupons programme

The Barcelona Science Park (PCB) has been recognised as a supplier for the 2017 Innovation Coupons.The programme is an ACCIÓ initiative for companies with 5–100 employees that want to carry out an innovative project, be it an improvement in a production process or a new service, product or business model.


Innovation Coupons consist of direct financial discounts in the form of coupons that SMEs may redeem with an ACCIÓ-recognised supplier. They are intended for short-term projects, since they are good for 8 months. Unlike in other calls, a single beneficiary may receive at most one coupon.

The Barcelona Science Park has been recognised as a supplier for the three categories of the programme: Innovation Coupons; Eco-innovation Coupons and Technology Coupons.

PCB Technological Platforms

All these coupon categories enable fast, agile and flexible access to the Technological Platforms of the Barcelona Science Park —for both internal and external companies— and involve a direct discount on the supplier’s invoice. Grants are non-returnable and may be up to 80% of the cost of the service, with a cap at €6,000.

They are awarded to applicants that meet the requirements in the order in which they apply up to 16 November 2017, or until the budget allocated to the programme has been exhausted.

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