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A journey through the evolution of the Cosmos and human origins

By 28 de February de 2007November 18th, 2020No Comments
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A journey through the evolution of the Cosmos and human origins

The long track of human evolution, the origin of the Cosmos and the evolution of scientific thought over time are some of the questions addressed in the exhibition "ORIGENS. Universe-Earth-Life-Humanity", held at the Natural Science Museum in the Ciutadella Park. This exhibition has been organized by the archaeologist Jordi Serrallonga, coordinator of the research group at the UB and whose head offices are at the Parc Científic de Barcelona(PCB)

“ORIGENS. Universe-Earth-Life-Humanity” presents recent scientific research into the origins of the Universe, Earth, life and humanity. The exhibition provides a journey through the evolution of the Cosmos, the origin and evolution of life on Earth, the first hominids, etc., and also explains the progress of scientific thought and the hypotheses that arise to explain the unanswered questions regarding the world around us.

According to Jordi Serrallonga “as members of an expedition to our near and far origins, we will be able not only to discover many of the disciplines and specializations that comprise present-day science –with regards research and dissemination -, but also how science itself can provide the key for us to improve and face our future”.

Compared with the biological evolutionary scale, and above all with astronomy, the trajectory of Homo sapiens on this planet is recent. However, traditionally Man has always enjoyed a special and privileged position in nature. But from a more humble perspective “we cannot understand our origins without first understanding the origins of the Universe, Earth and life. Without the Universe, Earth and life, humans would never have participated in this fascinating story. However, paradoxically, without humanity, ORIGINS, this story about history would never have been written”, explains Jordi Serrallonga.

The exhibition will be opened on 28 February and can be visited throughout the year. This initiative is one of the activities included in the “Barcelona Science 2007 Programme”, promoted by the Committee for Scientific Culture at the Institut de Cultura de Barcelona.