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A bridge between Europe and India for biotech entrepreneurs

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A bridge between Europe and India for biotech entrepreneurs

ON Tuesday July 6, the networking conference "Innovation comes from India" organized by NQ Lawyers and the PCB –with the collaboration of ESADE and Kerala Biotech Commission- has been held at the Barcelona Science Park (PCB) with the aim of casting light on the companies from the national ICT and biotech sectors in the Indian market, as well as on aspects related with the funding of Catalan companies for their internalization. This event is a unique opportunity to interact with first line experts in this field, such as Jatinder Jit Sing, professor of ESADE and expert in India, and Sandra Font, Funding project manager of ACC1Ó. Attendees will be able to learn about the importance and need for strategic change in order to improve the competitive situation of their company, different successful cases and possible projects that can be developed.

India has big business opportunities reserved for entrepreneurs. It is the second biotech market in Asia in terms of income volume and boasts numerous advantages in terms of production and qualified and affordable labor costs, when compared to other countries. Specialised studies and Indian market research highlight the urgent and immediate need of Spanish companies in the sector to become involved in a market with a mean growth close to 30% for 2010, within the context of overall growth of the country close to 8%.

The Indian biotech industry has enormous growth potential in sectors such as the pharmaceutical sector, subcontracting services for R+D processes, agriculture or industry. Business opportunities for Spanish companies in India are identified especially in the following fields: the agricultural sector and food industry (biofertilizers, biopesticides, transgenic products, etc.); the biopharmaceutical sector (drugs, vaccines and proteins for the diagnosis of diseases, hypoallergenic medicinal plants and cosmetics); and the bioservices sector (subcontracting of R+D processes to several subsectors for drug development processes, and outsourcing of production processes). There are several venture capital groups, government investors and banks in India willing to invest in the sector.

NQ Lawyers set up offices in the R Tower of the Barcelona Science Park last May with the objective of offering legal services to companies specialised in the ICT and biotech sector by means of several actions such as: research of joint programmes and partnerships, technology transfer, facilities research, staff mobility, knowledge and development of scientific programmes, identification of partners in India, etc. In addition, the company dynamises Internationalization services in India, by promoting and facilitating institutional contacts of academic-business content with other parks, universities and institutions in this country, with the aim of attracting Indian investment in Spain, facilitating reciprocal internationalization. In this sense, NQ Lawyers has identified nearly 400 companies in India that are trying to initiate internationalization processes in Europe.