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The third edition of the “Debate on Science” cycle takes off

By 16 de April de 2009November 18th, 2020No Comments
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The third edition of the “Debate on Science” cycle takes off

Today April 16 at 6.30 p.m. the next session of the scientific debates cycle , organized by the Barcelona Science Park and the of Barcelona, with the collaboration of the group, an independent auditing and professional corporate services for companies, will take place. This third edition –which will take place throughout the next few months at the Casa Llotja de Mar (Passeig d'Isabel II, 1) –will include two more debates: The Role of Nutrition in Health and Personalized Medicine, which will take place on June 18 and October 15, respectively.

These three activities are open to anyone who would like to engage in debating current science issues with experts in these fields, with the objective of stimulating discussion on important issues relating to the latest scientfic developments, with special emphasis on the new paths that are being laid out by multidisciplinary research. As in previous editions, the cycle is presented in a format that differs from traditional seminars, tackling specific questions and encouraging the exchange of different points of view and the public’s participation. In order to dinamise the debates, it is forecasted that a computer program that facilitates the public’s interaction will be used so participants can express their opinion.

The first session, “Biotechnology and Cosmetics”, will take place on April 16th and will be moderated by Alfonso Hidalgo, general director of Infinitec Activos. Participating speakers will be: Pascual Cuadrado, of RNB Cosmetics; José Ginestar, of Antoni Puig; Elena Graude of EG Active Cosmetics, and Ramon Ramon, of Bioingenium. Its objective is to provide a meeting place for people concerned with the advances made in biotechnology and biomedicine, cosmetic industry professionals and the scientific community.

The second debate “The Role of Nutrition in Health” will take place on June 18 and will be moderated by Mª Carmen Vidal, of the School of Pharmacy- Nutrition and Food Safety Research Institute of the University of Barcelona (INSA-UB). The third debate “Personalized Medicine”, which will take place on October 5, will be moderated by Jaime del Barrio, director of the Roche Institute for Comprehensive Health Solutions.

Advance registration is required by sending an email to; or by calling 93 403 45 18. For more information: