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Foto: GAEM Foundation / Catalan Immunology Society

The GAEM Foundation signs a collaboration agreement with the Catalan Immunology Society

Vicens Oliver, chairman of the GAEM Foundation (Group Affected by Multiple Sclerosis, in its Spanish acronym), based in the Barcelona Science Park, and the chairman of the Catalan Immunology Society, Francisco Lozano, have signed a collaboration agreement to foster cooperation between the two entities and promote the development of scientific projects and activities in a coordinated way.

The agreement, signed in September at the Academy of Medical and Health Sciences          of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands Foundation also envisages that the two organisations will provide mutual support to review scientific and informative material, and that they will launch future initiatives together.

“The GAEM believes that scientific research is the only path that will ensure victory over multiple sclerosis”, explains Vicens Oliver. “For this reason, we have always sought to work shoulder to shoulder with researchers. Given that multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease, professionalism and the perspective of immunologists is key to people who are affected by the disease. We believe that this renewed collaboration will provide us with valuable contributions regarding the organisation of our seminars and scientific activities, as well as for the advice we provide to people affected by the disease.”

“Among its objectives, the SCI aims to promote the scientific and technical development of immunology, advice and collaboration with entities, such as the GAEM for whom immunology is a relevant aspect”, adds Francisco Lozano.  “In addition, the promotion of health and the advancements being made in our discipline for the health of the general public is a key aspect of our work. We are very happy to be able to collaborate with the GAEM because we know how important the work they do with people affected by the disease and for society in general is.”

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