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Photo: Bosch i Gimpera Foundation.

Bosch i Gimpera Foundation creates a web search engine with more than 100 experimental models developed at UB

With the aim of promoting the transfer of the expertise in experimental models of the research groups of the University of Barcelona (UB), the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation, based in the Barcelona Science Park, has gathered more than 100 of these models in a web search engine

Experimental models are key to generate new knowledge and to address biological and biomedical issues. Nowadays they are widely used by most pharmaceutical companies, start-ups in the healthcare and life sciences sector and R&D laboratories in universities around the world.

The new tool developed by the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation –the UB’s technology and knowledge transfer office– allows searching for experimental models according to areas of interest and/or applications to be developed. Both cell culture-based models (in vitro and ex vivo) and animal models (in vivo) can be found in the search engine. In addition, there are several research groups at the UB specialised in the generation of tailor-made experimental models to suit the needs of each user. The search engine features a wide portfolio of models in areas such as neurobiology, immunology, oncology, cosmetics and food, with a strong focus on translational health.

The experimental models and expert advice of the UB’s research staff make it possible to analyse and confirm the efficacy and safety of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food actives, among others, and to improve knowledge of the biological processes involved in the activity of different products, while defining the most appropriate development strategies for each project. Moreover, thanks to the UB experts’ use of advanced analytical techniques in genomics, metabolomics, proteomics and epigenetics, it is possible to reliably obtain cutting-edge results, which are key to advancing research into new treatments and to the development of active ingredients in a dependable and safe way.

Over the past three years, the FBG has developed more than 90 projects related to experimental models, for which it has billed more than 5 million euros.

Is there any point to research if its results are simply filed away?

The Bosch i Gimpera Foundation has just published a video to explain what is and who are benefiting from the transfer of connectivity and technology, as well as the support that it offers to researchers, entrepreneurs and investors to connect universities, companies and societies. Hit play! ⇓