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Silvia Frutos, co-founder & CTO; Miquel Vila-Perelló, cofounder & CEO; and Gerard Caelles, Chief Business Officer (Photo: CataloniaBio & HealthTech).

SpliceBio receives the CataloniaBio & HealthTech’s Bioèxit Award 2023

CataloniaBio & HealthTech has presented the 2023 Bioèxit Award to SpliceBio and Avinent Implant System for the milestones achieved during 2022 in the field of health and life sciences in Catalonia. The award ceremony was held yesterday, as part of the CataloniaBio & HealthTech Night at CaixaForum Barcelona, with more than 320 attendees, including authorities from international, state and Catalan public administrations, and members of the association among entrepreneurs, executives and investors in the sector.

This year the jury decided to award the Bioèxit prize to two companies, “as an indicator of the progress in the sector’s maturity in innovation and in the structure of the business fabric”, stated Mariona Serra, vice-president of CataloniaBio & HealthTech, the organisation that represents companies in the biomedicine and health sector in Catalonia, and has its headquarters at the Barcelona Science Park.

This year, the Biosuccess Award has been awarded to SpliceBio and Avinent Implant System for the milestones achieved in 2022 (Photo: CataloniaBio & HealthTech)

In the case of SpliceBio, the jury particularly valued its capacity to attract international and national funds. In 2022, the biotech raised a €50M Series A, the largest for a biotech company in Spain to date. The round counted with the participation of a strong international syndicate including New Enterprise Associates (USA), Novartis Venture Fund (Switzerland), Gilde Healthcare (Netherlands) and Asabys (Spain). Due to the quality of the participating investors, SpliceBio’s milestone is also a milestone for the sector, as it opens a door to the knowledge of the Catalan business network.

SpliceBio is a biotechnology company exploiting Protein Splicing to develop the next generation of gene therapies. Its platform is based on technology developed in the Muir Lab at Princeton University, after more than 20 years of pioneering intein and protein engineering research. Proceeds will be used to advance Protein Splicing and its lead program in Stargardt disease into the clinic, and also expand pipeline to other currently untreatable genetic diseases.

To date, the Bioèxit Award has been awarded to Oryzon (2015), Minoryx Therapeutics and Palobiofarma (2016), STAT-Dx and Mosaic Biomedicals (2017), Anaconda Biomed and Mind the Byte (2018), Ysios Capital and Antonio Parente (2019), Kymos (2020), ONA Therapeutics (2021) and IMIDomics (2022).

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