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Responsible food consumption in the face of severe drought

The new water restrictions that have just come into force will be felt especially in the already affected primary sector. Agriculture must reduce consumption by 80% and livestock farming by 50%. On farmland and in the countryside, unusually high temperatures, lack of rain and the water restrictions that have been in place for months have reduced yields while trees are being lost. Livestock farmers, for their part, talk about how difficult it is for the animals to survive and, logically, the subsistence of the sector is at risk.

In the emergency situation faced by producers at the first level of the food chain, we consumers must double our efforts to be careful about the food we eat and how we use it. Now, more than ever, food purchases must be in the right quantity, without surpluses or waste. We must think about local and 0 km economies in order to strengthen the local primary sector and guarantee food sovereignty. In a crisis situation, be it energy, water, health or what have you, food self-sufficiency helps us survive.

Our farmers and livestock breeders must be protected. That something is a producte de la terra, a product of Catalonia, is much more than just advertising, it needs to be an integral part of our day-to-day eating habits.