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Renalyse's team: Patricia Saez, Tomas Guinovart, Julio Zuaznabar, Adrià Maceira, Marta Borras, Marta Novell and Adrián Carrillo. Foto | Renalyse

Renalyse closes a €1M funding round with the participation of GENESIS Ventures

Renalyse has raised €1 million in an investment round led by the Mind the Gap programme of the Botín Foundation, with participation of the Eurostars – an European initiative for innovative SMEs which involves up to 37 countries from the Eureka network – and GENESIS Ventures, investment vehicle managed by the consulting firm GENESIS Biomed, based in the Barcelona Science Park. The capital obtained will allow the company the industrialisation and certification of its chronic kidney disease diagnostic and monitoring device.

Renalyse, registered trade name of CreatSens Health, was established in 2017 as a spin-off from the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV) in Tarragona. The company, led by Adrià Maceira, has previously received investment from Banco Sabadell through the BStartupHealth program and actively collaborates with the Hospital Clínic Foundation.

Now, the €1M raised in this funding round will enable Renalyse to certify its in vitro diagnostic device – also called Renalyse – which is currently in the pre-industrialization phase-, and enter the market by 2026. This project will introduce an assistance platform for personal use -which can be utilized by both patients at home and doctors in primary care consultations- to measure three key parameters for patients with chronic kidney disease, a population exceeding 90 million in the European Union. These markers can prevent conditions such as arrhythmias, anemias, severe deficiencies, or even cardiopulmonary diseases.

This investment round is spearheaded by Mind the Gap, the Botín Foundation’s program aimed at promoting biotechnological entrepreneurship. It operates through a co-investment vehicle with the participation of private investors alongside the Foundation. ‘This investment in Renalyse reinforces the Botín Foundation’s commitment to supporting Spanish entrepreneurs developing biomedical innovation with a high socio-health impact. We are obligated to continue seeking new ways to transform talent into wealth; therefore, we work to turn our scientists’ discoveries into products, services, and technologies that generate economic and social development’, explains Íñigo Sáenz de Miera, general director of the Botín Foundation.

In addition to Eurostars, an European program to support R&D-intensive SMEs in transnational market-oriented projects, the operation has also involved GENESIS Ventures, managed by the consulting firm GENESIS Biomed, that has invested a total of €100,000 in Renalyse. Established in 2017 with a total of €2.5 million, this investment vehicle aimed to invest tickets ranging from €25,000 to €100,000 in early-stage biomedical projects.

According to Josep Lluís Falcó, the administrator of GENESIS Ventures and co-founder and CEO of GENESIS Biomed: ‘Renalyse represents a significant investment for our portfolio of companies. It is developing a diagnostic device that will revolutionize the clinical management of patients with chronic kidney failure. Furthermore, the involvement of the Botín Foundation in this project, along with institutions already present such as the Hospital Clínic or BStartup Health, confirms that Renalyse is a winning investment. We are excited to become part of the company’s Board of Directors.’

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