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Recycling can only work with everyone’s help

Surely we can all agree with these statements:
The earth’s natural resources are limited.
Naturally occurring materials such as paper, cardboard, glass and organic matter are easy to recycle.
Plastics and other synthetic materials are technically difficult to recycle.
Recycling waste is preferable to consuming new raw materials.

With these principles in mind, we favour the use of materials that are easily recyclable and made from materials that have already been used. Proper segregation of waste at source is a key step in ensuring that it is correctly sorted when it reaches recycling facilities. All mixed waste is sent to landfill.

The PCB produces large quantities of cardboard, rigid plastic, hard shell ice packs and expanded polystyrene containers that need to be separated if they are to be recycled.

We need the help of the whole PCB community to separate, break down and dispose of waste as neatly as possible.