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Progress in the maturity of the startups: the clinical phases

The startups Oxolife, Peptomyc and aptaTargets, with which Genesis Biomed consulting firm -based in the Barcelona Science Park-collaborates, are advancing in their maturity with the initiation and development of clinical phases and are approaching an exit scenario.

The beginning and progress of clinical phases are an important moment in the development of a drug, where, if the results are favourable, the probabilities of the drug reaching the market increase, leading to a valuation of the project that allows exit scenarios for investors.

For this reason, Genesis Biomed follows with special interest the progress of the start-ups with which it collaborates or has collaborated to see the progress towards maturity of companies such as Peptomyc, aptaTargets and Oxolife, based in the Barcelona Science Park.

» The post by Genesis Biomed is available at this link [+]