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Enric Gibert and José Miguel Vera (Source: Welab).

Pharmacelera and Welab Barcelona sign a strategic partnership agreement

Pharmacelera, an innovative deep tech company that provides disruptive solutions and services for Computer-Aided Drug Design (CADD) for hit discovery, and Welab, a leading drug discovery and development platform in Spain, have announced a partnership to jointly provide an efficient solution from hit finding up to pre-clinical development of new chemical entities. Through a collaborative platform, the two companies will be able to combine the expertise in virtual screening with the capability to synthesize and test the predicted molecules, both under the roof of their facilities at the Barcelona Science Park.

This research alliance between Pharmacelera and Welab, aiming to foster and encourage the discovery of new medicines for tomorrow, will provide integrated resources, expertise, and capabilities for speeding up new discoveries, and therapeutic opportunities to research groups from academy, biotech, or pharmaceutical industry.

According to Enric Gibert, Pharmacelera CEO and co-founder: “Through this partnership with a team of experienced drug discovery researchers from the Pharma industry, Pharmacelera will be able to offer an integrated service to its customers that will extend the in-silico design and identification of potential hits to their validation through synthesis, ADME profiling, and testing. Being the two companies located within the Barcelona Science Park, the interactions during projects will be facilitated, and our respective customers should get more value in getting results faster.”

In the opinion of Jose Miguel Vela, Welab CSO: “This collaboration with Pharmacelera will boost our capacity to provide new drug discovery programs to our customers. Beyond leveraging hit finding capabilities, the deep and complementary knowledge and expertise of both companies add high value to this partnership, for us, and for our clients”.

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