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Nathalie Cerón: “DAN·NA impacts on its area of activity with new environmentally friendly materials”

DAN·NA is a bioengineering company dedicated to the development of advanced biomaterials and bioplastics for the technology sector. From organic waste they obtain the raw material that is then transformed using molecular technology, green chemistry processes and artificial intelligence into a biomaterial with high added value.

The goal is to introduce a highly technical and sustainable material into the technology market, reducing both the electronic waste generated by the technology sector and organic waste.

At the latest Coffee Connection, DAN·NA explained its new patent for a copolyester called PLH, a bio-based and biocompatible material with multiple applications in agriculture, electronics, textiles and healthcare thanks to its biocompatibility and biodegradability properties.

Nathalie Cerón, CDO of DAN·NA, told us about some of this year’s highlights, such as receiving the Ecoembes seal, the proof of concept with Repsol, or their collaboration with a series of hospitals (in Catalan).