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Sergi Camacho. Image / IBEC.

IBEC appoints Sergi Camacho as new manager

Today Sergi Camacho Clavijo joins the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC) as a new manager, bringing with him almost 25 years of experience in managing health-related entities, including hospitals, intermediate care centers, emergency medical services, and research centers.

Sergi Camacho, an economist by training, has dedicated most of his career to managing entities in the field of health. His recent experiences have ignited a passion for the world of research, prompting him to redirect his career toward this sector. “I can’t imagine a better place to do it than IBEC,” he says.

The new manager highlights the importance of transversality in research: “Transversality between different areas of knowledge provides a new vision, much needed to solve the challenges of the future, and IBEC is the best exponent of this transversality.” Camacho also emphasizes the growing evoluton of IBEC in recent years, its scientific production, and the values it represents, making it a highly attractive institution for career development and professional growth.

Regarding his approach as the new manager, he emphasizes his role in guiding the institute’s staff in different projects “to improve the center’s results and ensure that IBEC continues to be the benchmark it is today.”

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