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The new research tools will reduce the number of animals used in biomedical trials.

IBEC and B·Debate organize a scientific meeting on precision medicine and future tools for biomedical research

The Institute for Bioengineering of Catalunya (IBEC) and B·Debate –an initiative of Biocat with support from “la Caixa” Foundation– are joint organisers of the scientific debat 'Future Tools for Biomedical Research. In Vitro, in Silico and in Vivo Disease Modeling' at CosmoCaixa on 1-2 October. The meeting is presented as an opportunity to debate with experts and professionals of the field to review experiences and best practices and to identify and address barriers in the  development and adoption of advanced methods for disease modeling, with a potential to revolutionize preclinical research in particular, and the validation and commercialization of new therapies and diagnostics at large.


The increasing costs of biomedical research and drug discovery and the continually rising numbers of compound failures provoke an urgent need for novel tools for basic research and preclinical testing of drugs. The cross-breeding of nanotechnologies, life and computational sciences is harnessing enabling technologies for drug discovery, development, toxicity testing and disease modeling.

These advances can move in vitro cell and tissue cultures beyond the current stages, which poorly reflect patient physiology, and create “in vivo human-like” platforms that allow cheaper and efficient drug and toxicity assays. At the same time, important efforts are being made to create improved animal and computational models to better mimic human physiology in health and disease.

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