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EQA Spain has achieved ENAC’s accreditation to certify criminal and anti-bribery compliance systems

EQA Spain has just been accredited by Entidad Nacional de Acreditación-ENAC to certify ISO 37001 (Anti-bribery Management Systems) and UNE 19601 (Criminal Compliance Management Systems), adding both to the recent ENAC’s accreditation received as an external expert in the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing (PML/TF). These new accreditations make EQA the first and only accredited entity in Spain for externally assessing the conformity of the three main compliance systems available to organisation.

EQA has become the first entity in Spain to be accredited by ENAC for ISO 37001, and the second for UNE 19601. These two new accreditations refer to the gold standards in the implementation of organisational and management models to prevent crimes in our country. They are compatible with the rest of the UNE/ISO standards for management systems and they incorporate a range of good practices that organisations are applying internationally in the field of compliance.

Jorge A. González, Compliance manager at EQA, pointed out that “once there are accredited entities for these certification services, there seems to be no reason why an organisation wishing to audit and certify its compliance systems should not choose an accredited entity. This is also in line with compliance due diligence usually required of the organisation. In this case, due diligence also extends to the choice of its certification body, and it is reasonable to choose an accredited body over a non-accredited one.”

The double accreditation is evidence that EQA meets the high standards of quality, competence and impartiality required by ENAC.

The certification of these standards is a way for organisations to transmit confidence and security to clients, suppliers, administrations and courts. These are tools within the reach of any type of undertaking: companies, groups of companies, foundations, NGOs, sports clubs, etc.

Ignacio Martínez, CEO of EQA Spain (Photo: EQA).

According to Ignacio Martínez, CEO of EQA Spain “services revolving around sustainability and environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) are a long-term strategy of EQA, and delivering compliance services in an accredited manner is the best demonstration of our intention to work with the highest levels of quality and commitment.”

EQA is an international certification, verification and inspection entity, with more than 20 years of experience. It has business lines in R&D&I, Management Systems, Climate Change, Corporate Social Responsibility, Compliance, Sustainable Finance, Information Security and Urban Planning Licences.

Most of its services are accredited by ENAC and its business is to perform independent conformity assessment work in a competent and objective manner, building confidence and assurance for all stakeholders to guide sound decision making.

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