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Ashutosh Pathak, Managing Director & Business Head of Devsyntesis (Photo: Devsyntesis).

Devsynthesis, a leading Indian CRO, sets up its European headquarters in the Barcelona Science Park

Devsyntesis, an Indian Contract Research Organization (CRO) working on complex multistep synthesis to provide new chemical targets to biotech and pharmaceutical companies, has opened a Management & Business Develop Office in the Barcelona Science Park, becoming its first subsidiary in Europe, and one of its two overseas offices along with its U.S. location in Texas.

Devsynthesis was founded in 2016 in Hyderabad (India) by two passionate scientists, Meenakshi Pathak (Chief Executive Officer) and Ashutosh Pathak (Managing Director & Business Head), having more than 20 years of global experience in chemistry and management working with pharmaceutical chemistry CRO’s midsize and giant pharmaceutical companies.

Both entrepreneurs created a Medicinal Chemistry CRO keeping in mind to help the innovator and biotech companies important research projects where they need to make the compounds in low cost yet maintaining the high quality and reduced timeline.

Meenakshi Pathak and Ashutosh Pathak Meenakshi Pathak (Photo: Devsyntesis ).

Devsyntesis focuses its activity on providing complex chemistry molecules useful for cancer research projects, heart related disorders, very complex organic synthesis for future medicinal use, mainly new chemical entities. The company has expertise in offering complex organic chemistry molecules which has very broad range of heterocyclic chemistry, sugar molecules, complex chiral compounds and novel targets which never made before.

“Devsynthesis has completed five years of its establishment and quite satisfied with the progress and outcome. We started at a very small space of 500 SFT with 3 fume hoods and 1 Ph.D. chemist. But in just over five years, we have grown to 44 Hoods, advance analytical lab with modern equipment’s and instruments”, explains Ashutosh Pathak.

Today, its R&D centre at Hyderabad has more than 70 employees, out of which 55 are medicinal and organic chemists and 20% of them are Ph.D. and Postdoc versatile chemistry experienced candidates.

“We have NMR, HPLC, rotavapors, Teledyne purifications systems, GC, LCMS and many more highly sophisticated equipment’s in-house to serve the best chemistry services possible to biotech and pharmaceutical companies around the world. We are expecting to have more than 100 fume hoods and more than 200 people in next 2 years of time, and in next 5 years we are expecting to be the best well reputed chemistry CRO company with more than 300 chemists and more than 200 hoods”, he says.

Photo: Devsynthesis.

Recently, Devsynthesis opened its two first overseas subsidiary, one of them in Spain, at the Barcelona Science Park, and the other in Flower Mound Texas, USA.

According to Mr. Pathak: “Barcelona is one of the pharma technology hubs from European region and specifically the Barcelona Science Park has a lot of innovator biotech companies. Moreover, Catalonia region is best known for pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry research. Devsynthesis being the Discovery Chemistry CRO see a lot of scope for adding value to these innovator biotech companies to advance their research projects which can be very useful for future medicine and well-being of human being”.

Nowadays, the Indian CRO offers discovery chemistry, medicinal chemistry, synthesis of novel chemistry molecules under FTE and FFS programs, providing fast, cost-effective, and high-quality science to global biotech’s and pharmaceutical companies mainly from the USA and Europe.

Moreover, Devsynthesis is not only a supplier for complex research molecules but also provide the value addition +1 to the molecule and the customer’s research projects.

Our unique selling proposition is offer little extra than expected. This means if a biotech client has asked for 10 mg of X molecules with 97% purity, then we try our best to get at least 11 mg of X molecule with min 98% purity. The good part is extra 1 mg is for free as courtesy of wining the business and establishing trust forever”, reveals Ashutosh Pathak.