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Closing ceremony of “Spend the Summer at the Park’09”

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Closing ceremony of “Spend the Summer at the Park’09”

The closing ceremony of the practical programme , organized every year by the Barcelona Science Park (PCB), was held at 12.00 hours on Wednesday 23 September. The programme is directed to students in the second cycle and aims to offer them the opportunity to participate in some of the research projects that are being carried out in the groups, institutes and businesses that are now based in the PCB, with the purpose of bringing them closer to the world of research.

During the closing ceremony, three of the 40 students who participated in this year’s seventh programme will present the research tasks they have completed in the PCB during the two or three months of their stay. These projects have been selected on the basis of their quality and interest, but they are only a representative sample of all the other projects, which are also of comparable quality.

The projects and students that were selected on this occasion are: Ugo Vespier, who worked at Microart, for his work entitled: “Functional analysis of the microRNAs in the wing of Drosophila” ;Laura Padilla, who completed her practicum classes at the Drug Discovery Platform, for her work entitled: “Building a repurposing database for transtirretin inhibition”, and Javier Iglesias, who worked at the Quantum Simulation of Biological Processes Group; Co.S.Mo. LAB-Computer Simulation & Modelling, for his work entitled “Substrate Distortion in the Michalis Complex of enzyme Cel5A from Bacillus agaradhaerens”. These students received a one-year subscription to Nature as a token for their effort presenting their work.

After this summer’s edition, the number of students that have participated in this programme is more than 200 students. According to recent surveys, the programme has been highly valued by both the researchers and the students who have taken part in this initiative..