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X. Marcet, M. Fernández and A. Santana, mentors of the programme, and M. Calzado, CataloniaBioHT general secretary (Photo: CataloniaBioHT).

CataloniaBio & HealthTech launches BIOMED ScaleUP programme for healthcare & life sciences companies looking to grow

CataloniaBio & HealthTech , based in the Barcelona Science Park, launched its new BIOMED ScaleUP programme, with collaboration from Lead To Change (LTC) and support from ACCIÓ (Government of Catalonia) to help start-ups and companies in the healthcare and life sciences sector in Catalonia take a leap forward in their growth. The BIOMED ScaleUP programme was presented yestarday, in an online and on-site event at the Park, with entrepreneurs and executives from over 80 companies.

The Catalan healthcare industry has evolved very positively since 2010 in business creation, investment attracted, employment, pipeline growth, and innovative services, but “now it is important to help it grow in size in order to make it more competitive globally. Through the new BIOMED ScaleUP programme, we hope to leverage growth for companies that have strategically decided to scale up, whether transversally or in one specific area of their business,” notes Melqui Calzado, general secretary of CataloniaBio & HealthTech.

According to the BioRegion of Catalonia Life Sciences and Healthcare Outlook 2020, 92% of the 1,200 companies in the ecosystem are microSMEs and SMEs.

BIOMED ScaleUP lasts 4 months, from February through May 2021 and it has two phases: first, corporate growth training (consistency, market, profitability, innovation, technology, leadership, alliances and acquisitions, among others); and the second, personalised mentoring for 10 selected companies.

Both phases will be led by Xavier Marcet, a consultant who specialises in corporate entrepreneurship, strategy and innovation, and CEO of LTC. “With the BIOMED ScaleUP programme, we aim to create an environment in the ecosystem where everyone shares the itch for growth,” says Marcet.

» Registration is open at the this link until 28 January and is free for CataloniaBio & HealthTech members.