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The presentation of the program was attended by more than 150 professionals from the sector (Credit: Biocat).

Biocat presents the Catalan Health System Innovation Access Program (PASS)

This Thursday Biocat presented the Catalan Health System Innovation Access Program (PASS), a groundbreaking project in Catalonia with collaboration from AQuAS and the Catalan Health Service (CatSalut). More than 150 professionals from the sector attended the event, which took place at the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site during the Health Revolution Congress hosted by the Barcelona Health Hub on May 16.

The Catalan Health System Innovation Access Program (PASS), led by Biocat from its headquarters in the Barcelona Science Park, aims to identify innovations born and developed in Catalonia, guarantee the suitability of the proposals that are prioritized by the health system, and accompany them during the process of adoption.

“One of the main challenges of the ecosystem is the transfer of innovative technologies developed by startups, scaleups, and spinoffs to the public. The PASS is an ambitious program that will allow companies to be more efficient and better prepared to integrate into the System. Perhaps we may not be able to include all the innovation we generate, but we must be able to include the innovation that the System needs,” has explained Robert Fabregat during the presentation.

The Catalan Health System Innovation Access Program (PASS) responds to a historic challenge at a time when Catalonia has an ecosystem that is very rich in innovations, with a much greater capacity for creating innovative startups and spinoffs, and with record local and international investment.

However, regarding adoption of this innovation, the mechanisms and connections needed to explore, filter, identify, interact and incorporate these innovations into the system haven’t been sufficiently defined or developed. At the same time, there are more and more new mechanisms and pathways to get innovation into healthcare systems popping up around the world, for example in Germany, France, England and Belgium.

To resolve this issue, in 2022, the Catalan Ministry of Health charged Biocat with coordinating a subcommittee of experts to draft an action plan to streamline innovation adoption in the healthcare system, from which the Catalan Healthcare System Innovation Access Program (PASS) was born.

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