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Fragment of the cover of the 2022 PCB Report

Barcelona Science Park 2022 Annual Report: 25 years promoting the life sciences sector

The Barcelona Science Park 2022 Annual report can now be viewed, a review of all the activity generated in the year that the Park celebrated its 25th anniversary. The balance couldn’t be better: we are a Community of 3,500 people with 126 entities covering the whole range of research and innovation in life sciences.

In 2022, the Park has reached full occupation, with a total of 31,019 m2 of office and laboratory space occupied, 98% occupation of the prepared spaces and 94% of the total available space. Also in 2022, the Park seals its commitment to sustainability with the approval of the 2022-2025 Sustainability Plan with the aim of integrating institutional strategy criteria for economic, social and environmental growth compatible with sustainable development.

For the first time, the annual report also includes a summary with the most important milestones obtained by the public research centres and the companies based in the Park during the previous financial year. For the most nostalgic among you, we have prepared a visual collection with the main milestones during these last 25 years.

Read the Annual Report to review everything that has been achieved in 2022 in the different areas of the Park.