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Arian International and the CEI International Affairs will launch the 2nd edition of the European Proposal Writing Course

Arian Internacional -a company associated with Barcelona Science Park (PCB) and accredited by ICEX Spain Export and Investment– and the CEI International Affairs –affliated Center to the University of Barcelona in the diplomacy and international relations field– launch the 2nd edition of the European Proposal Writing Course, offering an Expert title, issued by the University of Barcelona (UB).


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IRB Barcelona opens new laboratory focused on targeted protein degradation as a therapeutic tool

Scientist Cristina Mayor-Ruiz joins the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) to lead the new Targeted Protein Degradation and Drug Discovery Lab. Along with the addition of this group, the Institute, based in the Barcelona Science Park, is also launching a Drug Screening Unit, thereby reflecting a clear commitment to speeding up the transfer of basic research to clinical practice.


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Great success of the 13th IBEC Symposium “Bioengineering for Future & Precision Medicine”

The Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC), based in the Barcelona Science Park, organized from the 27th to the 28th October its 13th Symposium. The event, that this year took place for the first time online, was focused on “Bioengineering for Future & Precision Medicine”. With more than 400 registered attendees, the event also counted with contributions from top international speakers.


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