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El Parc Científic llança un curs de ioga per a la seva comunitat
Science Park launches yoga course for its community

Science Park launches yoga course for its community, plus more activities for 2022

The Science Park is continuing in its commitment to offer free-time activities for the community, made up of 3,000 people working at 117 organisations. This year, now the harshest pandemic restrictions have been lifted, the yoga course taught by Silvia Delgado is back with two groups: one in the morning, which is 41% full, and one in the afternoon, 59% full.

In total 70 people from 27 organisations have signed up, representing the whole Park ecosystem. Most of the students are women, 60 participants or 86% of those registered for the course, and 10 men, or 14% of the total.

Over the coming months we will be looking into starting up salsa classes again, which have been another very popular activity with people working at the Park.

The Park will soon distribute a survey to all users to rank their interest in a variety of networking events for the community. Based on the survey results, these events will be scheduled throughout the year.