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Art to move us to action

We invite you to visit the exhibition Un mar obert a tothom (A sea open to everyone), which will be running until 25 April at the Barcelona Provincial Council headquarters (Can Serra, Rambla de Catalunya -Av. Diagonal): Spectacular photographs to raise awareness for Ocean Decade Week (

The exhibition brings together the winning photographs from the international competition organised by the Fundació Barcelona Capital Nàutica to mark Ocean Decade Week, organised by UNESCO and currently being held in Barcelona: Barcelona celebrates the Ocean Decade Week (

Art is a good way to convey the fragility of ecosystems and the importance of their preservation. Rising water levels due to climate change, overfishing, increasing maritime transport, leisure and tourism based on aquatic activities, and waters full of plastics, microplastics and other waste are some of the problems that directly impact on the fragile balance of seas and oceans, affecting their biodiversity and, ultimately, life.

Without a doubt, this exhibition is a good meeting place for photography lovers and for anyone who loves the sea.