Exploring the role of nucleolar stress in ageing and neurodegeneration

Edifici Torres R+D+I, Auditori Antoni Caparrós C/ Baldiri Reixac 4-8, Barcelona

Speaker: Dr. Vanesa Lafarga Senior Scientist, Genomic Instability Group at CNIO (Spanish National Cancer Research Center), Madrid, Spain. Abstract For reasons that remain poorly understood, alterations in ribosome biogenesis, translation...

Regulating microtubule nucleation in neurons to control cell growth and polarity

Edifici Cluster I, Aula Fèlix Serratosa C/ Baldiri Reixac 10-12, Barcelona

Speaker: Paul Conduit, PhD. Group Leader - Microtubule regulation in multi-cellular animals Lab - Institut Jacques Monod, France. Abstract:   My team aims to understand how microtubule nucleation is regulated across different...