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The health sector also makes progress in fulfilling Agenda 2030

In its biannual report, the Spanish Network of the UN Global Compact organisation reviews the contribution of Spanish and Catalan companies in their fulfilment of Agenda 2030. The 2022 report shows that companies are gradually committing to sustainability and are making progress in the integration of the SDGs into their business strategy.

The Catalonia BioRegion sector is also making advances in the same direction. Until recently, in the life and health sciences sector it seemed that the positive results of research and health care activity which were beneficial to the people’s health justified any cost or expense, as well as environmental impacts.

Today this perspective has changed. In the context of the climate emergency, hospital centres, entities and research centres are acting to reduce their impacts: waste reduction, reduction of energy consumption, self-production of energy and use of water are examples of good practices launched to help minimise the environmental footprint of their activity.

To learn about initiatives being some hospitals and research centres in Catalonia, you are invited to read the Biocat article about good practices in the BioRegion.

Towards a sustainable future: More environmental initiatives driven by the entities of the BioRegion of Catalonia (