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Marco Pugliese, director of the GAEM Foundation, receiving the award (Photo: GAEM Foundation).

The GAEM Foundation recognized with the Spanish Society of Neurology SEN 2020 Award

The Spanish Society of Neurology (Sociedad Española de Neurología, SEN) has granted the SEN 2020 Award for Multiple Sclerosis in its Social Modality to GAEM Foundation, based in the Barcelona Science Park, for its contribution to promoting biomedical research and innovation in this disease.

The SEN 2020 Awards ceremony, organised annually by the Spanish Society of Neurology, took place yesterday at the Auditorium of the Complutense University of Madrid, within the framework of its traditional institutional act, the most important annual event of SEN, since in it the accreditations are also granted to the new honorary members.

The SEN Awards represent the recognition of the Spanish Society of Neurology and Spanish neurologists to those people and institutions that have contributed decisively to the development of scientific information or to the social promotion of neurological diseases.

In its Scientific Modality, the SEN 2020 Award for Multiple Sclerosis went to Dr. Albert Saiz Hinarejos, head of the Neuroimmunology and Multiple Sclerosis Unit of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, ​​in recognition of his contribution to the study and knowledge of demyelinating diseases, especially multiple sclerosis and neuromyelitis optica.