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The Research in Society programme includes over 100 activities in which around 5,000 people participate every year (Foto: PCB).

The call for the 2018-2019 Research in Society program is open

Today, Monday 2 July, the Barcelona Science Park (PCB) has kicked off its 18th Research in Society programme with the opening of the pre-registration period for the experimental workshops “Discover research!” and “Do research!”. Places will be allocated to applicant schools in a draw using the list of reservation numbers.


Discover research! is aimed at Primary Year 5 and 6 students and features activities led by researchers and instructors which enable young people to carry out experiments using the scientific method while having fun, as they add to their knowledge about core concepts in two areas: biomedicine and physics and chemistry. The workshops are rounded off with an interactive tour of the Barcelona Science Park so that the young people can see what really goes on every day in a laboratory.

Do research! is addressed to the lower and upper secondary and vocational training community and features around 50 workshops during the school year which give students a first-hand look at the research being conducted at the PCB and its connection with their educational syllabus. The workshops are run by researchers who get the young people involved in experiments related to their research projects, all following the scientific method, along with techniques and instruments commonly found in laboratories.

Discover research! and Do research! are part of Research in Society, a programme launched by the Barcelona Science Park in 2003 to bring science closer to the public at large and encourage vocations among young people. It currently includes over 100 activities in which around 5,000 people participate every year.

The programme has been recognised with the Educational Quality Label from Barcelona’s Pedagogical Coordination Council (Consell de Coordinació Pedagògica de Barcelona, CCP) run by the Barcelona Municipal Institute of Education (Institut Municipal d’Educació de Barcelona, IMEB), and is supported by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (Fundació Espanyola per a la Ciència i la Tecnologia, FECYT) of the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness and the Barcelona City Council’s Municipal Institute of Culture (Institut de Cultura de Barcelona, ICUB).

►The pre-registration period ends on 19 September. The rules for the draw are available on the Research in Society website [+info]