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The new Leanbio's GMP biologics plant, spanning an area of over 4,000 m², will be operational in mid-2025 / Image: Leanbio.

Reig Jofre announces an investment of €5.8M in the biotechnology company Leanbio

Reig Jofre announces an investment of 5.8 million euros in the biotechnology company Leanbio, based in the Barcelona Science Park. The operation aims to achieve vertical integration in the development, characterization, and production of biotechnological active ingredients. The pharmaceutical company, which had a 10% stake in the startup’s capital to the date, will increase it to reach 24%, committing to further increase its presence as the expansion plan progresses.

This investment, spearheaded by Reig Jofre in conjunction with other Leanbio partners, will allow both companies to offer integrated services across the entire development and industrial scaling chain for the commercialization of recombinant proteins, antibodies, and advanced therapies. This is intended for both the multinational corporations with whom they already collaborate, as well as for the startup ecosystem in Spain and Europe. This encompasses everything from the development and production of the biological active ingredient to the finished pharmaceutical product at Reig Jofre’s facilities in Barcelona.

Simultaneously, this collaboration will enable Leanbio, which previously focused on the characterization, development, scaling, and production of biotechnological products up to the preclinical phase, to advance its expansion project and leverage its know-how and experience by enhancing its facilities through the establishment of a new GMP-certified plant for industrial-scale production of biotechnological-based active ingredients and mRNA.

The plant, located in Sant Quirze del Vallès (Barcelona, Spain) -that is projected to be operational in mid-2025- will cover an area of approximately 4,000 square meters. It will feature three production lines capable of manufacturing recombinant proteins, antibodies using different expression systems, plasmid DNA, and messenger RNA for advanced therapies within the biopharmaceutical sector, adapting to various production volumes. Additionally, the plant will include development laboratories, scaling areas, pilot production plants and quality control. Gradual job creation is anticipated, with highly skilled personnel; the team is expected to exceed 100 people as the plant reaches its peak performance by 2030. The plant is projected to be operational by mid-2025.

“It’s a significant milestone for Reig Jofre”, company’s CEO, Ignasi Biosca highlights. “Over its 90 years, we’ve maintained specialization in injectable pharmaceutical products. Now, with Leanbio, we embark on the production of biotechnological active ingredients, capitalizing on the growing demand for new advanced therapies post-COVID, such as cellular, genetic, and RNA therapies, that require services with specific scientific and technological know how, as well as specialized equipment and facilities.

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