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Congress snapshot (Photo: CCiTUB)

More than a hundred experts in magnetic resonance participate in the BIR Symposium

On 20 and 21 March, the Barcelona Science Park hosted the Barcelona Integrative Resonance Symposium (BIR Symposium), organised by the Scientific and Technological Centers of the Universitat de Barcelona (CCiTUB) and the Institute of Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC). The event brought together more than a hundred scientists from research centres around the world to pool and share the possibilities that NMR techniques can bring to their research in a multitude of scientific fields, such as biomedicine, quantum computing or paleontology.

The inauguration of the conference, which took place in the Antoni Caparrós Auditorium of the PCB, was given by the vice-rector for research of the University of Barcelona, ​​Jordi García, the director of the Scientific and Technological Centers, Juan Fran Sangüesa and the professor of the University of Barcelona ​​Miquel Pons, scientific coordinator of the Barcelona node at the Spanish Biomolecular NMR Laboratory Network (ICTS R-LRB), which is part of  CCiTUB.

From left to right: Miquel Pons, Juan Fran Sangüesa and Jordi García (Photo: CCiTUB).

During the congress, 23 internationally recognized scientists have presented their latest works, at the forefront of research, to illustrate the potential of these innovative techniques and hold an open debate with the attendees, dealing with topics as molecular magnetism, computing quantum, the NMR of biomolecules, among others.

The symposium has also been a meeting point to present the three new instruments that have arrived at the Diagonal Campus of the University of Barcelona and that will consolidate Catalonia as a benchmark in magnetic resonance: a very high field NMR of 23.5T (1.0GHz) and a pulsed EPR-ENDOR, both from CCiTUB, and the HyperSense equipment, a Dynamic Nuclear Polarisation (DNP) for NMR, hosted by IBEC.

For further information: CCiTUB website [+] and IBEC website [+]