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Photo: Council of European Bioregions (CEBR).

Montserrat Daban, new president of the Council of European Bioregions

Montse Daban,director of Scientific Policy and Internationalization at Biocat, an organization based at the Barcelona Science Park, is appointed new president of the Council of European Bioregions (CEBR) for the next 3 years. CEBR is a membership-driven network of life science clusters and regional ecosystems across Europe, representing over 40 subscription members.

The Council of European BioRegions celebrated its Annual Meeting 2023 on May 16th and 17th with a members-only event taking place in Stuttgart. The event was organized and hosted by BioRegio STERN, a member of CEBR. The meeting was opened by Klaus Eichenberg, CEO at BioRegio STERN and Marc Dechamps, former president at CEBR.

On the first day of the event, the board elections took place, where all CEBR members were able to vote for the new candidates. Once elected, the new board members voted for the election of the president and vice-president.

Montse Daban, director of Science Policy and Internationalisation at Biocat, is appointed new president of the board: “I feel honored to be appointed president of CEBR. Our association is in a great momentum, to a large extent thanks to the achievements of the former board and its president Marc Dechamps and of the CEBR executive team with Anaïs Le Corvec, Marta González and Alberto Baldi, as well as the 44 members that currently are actively contributing to it.”

Accordint to Daban: It’s also a great momentum for European policies on health innovation, with many challenges and opportunities to which CEBR is aligned to and decisively engaging.  We plan to not only increase our impact for our members and their ecosystems, but also continue to strengthen our position at EU and international level. After the pandemics, with the reconnection of the members, the growth of the network, its expansion and influencing strategy, now we’re perfectly positioned to generate impact and make visible our capability to transform. I am willing to work with all my colleagues at the board and all the clusters of the network to achieve our shared goals.”

Stamatiki Kritas, Business Development manager at Hellenic Biocluster is appointed new vice-president:So honored and excited to be elected as the next vice-president of CEBR! I am looking forward in working together with the new board and the wider, dynamic CEBR community in order to continue supporting and highlighting the impact Life Sciences clusters have in creating disruptive innovation and ultimately build a stronger and sustainable Europe. By creating strong links between industry and academia, CEBR continues to build bridges across all EU Life Sciences ecosystems and foster the growth of high impact SMEs.”

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