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Businesses are powerful tools for transforming our world

This week at the MWC, thousands of people and business leaders have come to Barcelona to explain and share their vision of the company of the future. Technology is changing the world and changing the way we do business. Companies are adapting to this new reality and are also realising that initiatives with values are the ones that prosper in the medium and long term. Those projects that put business competitiveness, social awareness and environmental respect in the same equation are betting on their survival and their future.

Organisations are levers of change to contribute to a fairer and more sustainable world. Corporate sustainability thinks in terms of a triple bottom line: economic, social and environmental. Where local procurement, gender equality and the fight against climate change are the norm in the projects that are endorsed.

Technological innovations, digitalisation and the incorporation of innovative solutions in business undoubtedly contribute to progress and business excellence, but without forgetting a holistic approach and the impact that all business projects have on people and the environment.