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març 15 @ 12:00 - 13:30

TRNA epitranscriptomics as a new vulnerability in cancer

Speaker: Dr. Pierre Close, PhD. FNRS and WELBIO investigator & Head of the Laboratory of Cancer Signaling – GIGA-Institute , CHU –Tour GIGA +2 | Liège, Belgium.


Translation reprogramming plays key roles in cancer development and drug resistance but the molecular mechanisms involved in this process remain poorly understood. Emerging evidences indicate that tRNA expression is modulated during tumorigenesis and correlates with changes in mRNA translation of genes with specific codon usage, highlighting the importance of tRNA dynamics in cancer biology. Their recent work demonstrated that codon-specific mRNA translation reprogramming through regulation of tRNA modification promotes cancer development, metastasis, and resistance to targeted therapies. Specifically, enzymes regulating wobble uridine tRNA modification are upregulated in several human cancers and they promote the expression of selected genes in a codon-specific manner. Their work highlights the importance of codon-specific mRNA translation and tRNA regulation as a source of future therapeutic targets in cancer.

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març 15
12:00 - 13:30
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IRB Barcelona – Institut de Recerca Biomedica
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