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Integrity and good governance

Integrity and good governance

Barcelona Science Park code of ethics

University of Barcelona code of ethics on integrity and good practices


Anti-fraud policy of the Barcelona Science Park Foundation

Anti-fraud mailbox

Quality management

ISO 14001:2015

For the environmental management of the buildings and facilities of the Barcelona Science Park.

ISO 9001:2015

Certified services:

– Common Scientific Services (CSS), Radioactive Installation (RAI) and Special Reaction Service (SRE), for activities providing scientific support services (Maintenance of scientific equipment and facilities and care services for laboratory users).

General services: scientific communication and awareness service, user reception and care service; reception and distribution of goods; preparation of spaces and renovations; maintenance service; store and related services (gowns, dry ice and liquid nitrogen); computer and communications service; waste management; cleaning; monitoring and security. Science Communication and Dissemination Services.

Specialised scientific services: Experimental Toxicology and Ecotoxicology Unit (UTOX-PCB) and stables.





Strategic Quality, Safety and Environment Policy