Catalan biotech sector to meet in Stockholm Blog Post

The sixteenth edition of the BIO-Europe Spring (BES), the main springtime partnering conference of the sector, takes place this year in Stockholm from 4th to 6th April. The Catalan delegation, coordinated by Biocat once again, will be formed by 24 companies and entities –among which are the companies BioingeniumEsteveIntelligent Pharma and Iproteos, based at the Barcelona Science Park (PCB)–, representing more than a half of the Spanish participation at the event.

IBEC and UB scientists achieve first-ever catalysis of a chemical reaction using an electric field Blog Post

Researchers at the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC), the University of Barcelona (UB) and two universities in Australia have introduced a new way of catalysing-speeding up- chemical reactions by applying an electric field between the reacting molecules. This opens the door for the fabrication of of chemical compounds, used in pharmaceutical products and materials, in a fast and cheaper way, and could revolutionise the way we produce chemicals for daily life applications.


A study with the participation of CNAG shows that Neanderthals and modern humans crossbred much earlier than was previously thought Blog Post

An international research team has find first genetic evidence of modern human DNA in a Neanderthal individual. The discovery –published in Nature– confirms the interbred between Homo sapiens and Homo neanderthalensis and suggests that it happened 100.000 years ago, before the 65.000 years ago previously documented. This earlier genetic exchange, which may have taken place in the Near East, has not been detected in European Neanderthals. The study, led by the Max Planck German Institute, counts among its authors with researchers of CNAG-CRG located at the Barcelona Science Park (PCB).  


The University of Barcelona sets up a crowdfunding platform Blog Post

The University of Barcelona (UB), through the Barcelona Institute of Entrepreneurship (BIE), has launched a crowdfunding platform to promote solidarity or research projects that do not receive public funding. The first call has been announced this month of February in collaboration with Verkami. Three projects will compete to achieve the financial resources that they need. The initiative is part of the strategic plan of the BIE– promoted by the UB and Bosch and Gimpera Foundation (FBG), from its headquarters offices at the PCB–with the aim of making tools and resources available to entrepreneurs within the framework of Group UB.


Biotech Aromics obtains the seal ‘Innovative SME’ Blog Post

The Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness recently awarded the biotech Aromics the seal of ‘Pyme Innovadora‘ ( Innovative SME)The company -founded in 2005 and specialized in the application of omic sciences in the research and development of new drugs and diagnostic methods- was part of the first generation of companies that participated in the Bioincubator project at the Barcelona Science Park (PCB).


GreeNC, the first database of non-coding RNAs in plants Blog Post

Sequentia Biotech, a company based at the Barcelona Science Park (PCB), has developed the first database of non-coding RNAs in vegetal species: GreeNC. It is a repository of more than 200,000 lncRNAs annotated in 37 plant species and 6 algae that provides information about the sequence, genomic coordinates, coding potential, and folding energy for all lncRNAs identified. 


The 4th edition of the ‘Crazy about Biomedicine’ kicks off Blog Post

On Saturday, the 24 students chosen from more than 200 applicants for the ‘Crazy about Biomedicine course‘ at IRB Barcelona will have their first theory class in the centre, with the collaboration of the Barcelona Science Park (PCB). In fact, the success of first course in this field of science in 2013, an initiative of IRB Barcelona, led the Catalunya–La Pedrera Foundation to increase the number of disciplines on offer and to set up new courses, all of which fall under the umbrella of the ‘Crazy about Science Programme‘.