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Ignasi Belda, CEO and founder of Intelligent Pharma (center), receiving the award (Photo: CaixaBank).

Intelligent Pharma wins the award CaràcterEmpresa to Innovation in Catalonia

Intelligent Pharma, a company based at the Barcelona Science Park  (PCB), has won the Premi CaràcterEmpresa award in the category of Innovation among 14 companies from around Catalonia and has been selected to take part in the nation-wide final phase, that will take place this coming June. The CaràcterEmpresa awards are promoted by CaixaBank and by the Spanish Confederatiion of Business Organizations (CEOE) in the Catalan edition, also promoted by Foment del Treball, the institution representing the interests of Catalan industry and business.

The Innovation category of these awards recognizes the best companies that have stood out by the project developed, its competitive advantages and its growth potential. Intelligent Pharma, from its headquarters at the PCB, has developed 10 leading technologies worldwide, focusing on computer simulation of biochemical and biological processes that take place inside the human body.

“For us, this award represents an important recognition for our day-to-day work. At Intelligent Pharma are working intensively on the research and development of new technologies that can help cure major diseases afflicting our society. Awards like this help us know that we are on the right track” said Ignasi Belda, CEO and founder of Intelligent Pharma.

In the internationalization category, which measures the expandability to cover foreign markets and its degree of geographical deployment or implantation of a company, the winner has been the company Rufre Diesel Injection. The company has had to compete among six Catalan companies who also aspired to the prize.

As winners of the regional phase of the CaràcterEmpresa awards, Rufre Diesel Injection and Intelligent Pharma will participate in the national phase, in which both companies will compete for a prize of 20,000 Euros for each category that will be announced during the month of June, at the first official award gala. The candidacies selected to participate in the final phase will be analyzed by a Jury of Honor, composed by top-level executives of CaixaBank and the CEOE, which will choose the winner for each category, Innovation Award and Internationalization Award.

The CaràcterEmpresa awards recognize, on the one hand, the most innovative companies and, on the other, to recognize companies that have stood out for their internationalization ability. Two awards arise within the framework of the collaboration agreement between the CEOE and CaixaBank signed last May on an annual basis, which included the opening of a credit line amounting to 11,000 million euros to promote corporate financing with the aim of promote their development and modernization. In Catalonia, CaixaBank ratified this agreement with Foment del Treball patronage, an organization under the scope of the CEOE.

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