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Call for the ‘UB Board of Trustees and Bosch i Gimpera Awards’ is open

The call for a the fourteenth edition of the UB Board of Trustees and Bosch i Gimpera Foundation Awards is open. There are two categories: Antoni Caparrós Prize, to the top project in knowledge transfer, technology and innovation, and Senén Vilaró Prize, to the top innovative company created by a UB graduate or linked to the UB Group. The call will be open until July 20.

The UB Board of Trustees and Bosch i Gimpera Awards aim to promote the return of the aquired knowledge and research to society, value the importance of projects on transfer of technology, knowledge and innovation, promoting the creation of innovative companies and promote the entrepreneur culture in the field of the UB Group.

The Bosch i Gimpera Foundation, located at the Barcelona Science Park, is the knowledge and technology transfer office of the University of Barcelona since 1983. It promotes the research activity carried out by UB and UB Group, and it facilitates the transfer of knowledge and the results of this research to society by creating new knowledge-based companies, licensing patents, or by means of the signature of contracts with firms and institutions to develop R+D projects, or the development of consultancy and analysis activities.

» For further information: Bosch i Gimpera Foundation website [+]