Equity and access to health resources, will be the subject of debate at the VI Seminar of the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics of the UB Blog Post

Under the title ‘Equity and Access to Health Resources’, the VI International Seminar of the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics of the University of Barcelona (UB)- Bioethics and Law Observatory (OBD-UB) will be held this 31 January at the Antoni Caparrós Hall at the Barcelona Science Park. The purpose of this sixth edition of the forum is to create a space for debate and reflection on the main ethical dilemmas posed presently by the management of public health from a point of view of distributive justice and the right of all citizens to healthcare in effective equality conditions.

A publication reveals the large impact of the OBD’s documents on legislation Blog Post

–based at the Barcelona Science Park- is presenting a new book: «».The book provides an in-depth analysis of the significant impact that the «» and the «» developed by the OBD’s Opinion Group in 2002 and 2008, respectively, have had on the healthcare, social and legislative contexts of our country, and also reproduces their original content.

“Privacy and Confidentiality: the protection of health-related data”, theme of the IV Seminar of the UNESCO Chair of Bioethics at the UB Blog Post

On the 21st of January, the Barcelona Science Park (PCB) will host at the Antoni Caparros Conference Hall the IV International Seminar of the (UB) under the title “Privacy and Confidentiality: the protection of health-related data”. This year, the forum –which is held annually with the aim of promoting the ““of the UNESCO–will focus on fostering a culture sensitive to the protection of the confidentiality of computerized medical records as well as the necessary confidentiality of the doctor-patient relationship.

The report to amend the currently in force Law on Abortion coincides with the document proposed by the OBD Blog Post

The elaborated by the Committee of Experts to advise on the voluntary termination of pregnancy (VTOPI) released yesterday by the Ministry of Equality compiles most key aspects and terms of the proposal issued by the Opinion Group of the Bioethics and Law Observatory (), of the University of Barcelona, located at the Parc Científic de Barcelona, in April of last year in a document on VPI available at the OBD’s website.

Bioethics and Law Observatory Publishes First Volume in Bioethics Collection Blog Post

The Bioethics and Law Observatory (), located at the Barcelona Science Park, announces the first publication in its new collection Materiales de Bioética, prepared in conjunction with the Bioethics and Law Association (), a group formed by holders of master’s degrees in Bioethics from the University of Barcelona. The aim of the collection is to publish papers written for the Bioethics and Law Observatory, featuring work by the Consolidated Research Group in Bioethics, Law and Society of the Generalitat of Catalonia and by the at the University of Barcelona. The collection is coordinated by María Casado, who holds the UNESCO chair and serves as OBD director, and it will be available in print and electronic formats.

The Observatory on Bioethics and Law proposes changes to the legislation regulating the voluntary termination of pregnancy Blog Post

The Opinion Group of the Observatory on Bioethics and Law (OBD) at the University of Barcelona, housed at the Barcelona Science Park, has published a that proposes changes to the legislation regulating the voluntary termination of pregnancy (VTP). The proposal backs legalisation of the practice so that it be considered and treated as any other health care practice and, therefore, genuinely accepted as a public health care service. More specifically, the document proposes the establishment of conditions in which abortion can freely be carried out in the initial weeks of pregnancy or, if sought later, be authorised according to precise, clearly set indications, as now happens in most other countries in the European Union.

OBD documents on assisted reproduction have had a decisive effect on current legislation Blog Post

The University of Barcelona’s Bioethics and Law Observatory (), which is located within the Barcelona Science Park (PCB), has reissued and complied in book form the various documents on assisted reproduction that the OBD Opinion Group has produced since the year 2000. This has provided a good opportunity to analyse the repercussions which these documents have had in the scientific and medical field, and especially their impact on current legislation, which proves to be highly significant. All the documents can be consulted online and downloaded in PDF format in , , and .