Common Scientific Services

Centralised equipment and facilities to support research in order to guarantee flexibility and optimise resources.

  • 1.630 m² of fully-equipped laboratory space on a self-service basis 24/7/365.
  • Online equipment booking.
  • Clean rooms: primary cultures, cell lines, yeast cultures and bacterial cultures.
  • Centrifuge rooms:  Benchtop, High speed/high capacity, ultracentrifuges and shaker incubators.
  • Climatic chamber (37ºC) with shaking platforms.
  • Cold chambers, ultrafreezers and cryotanks.
  • Histology room.
  • Rooms with spectroscopic equipment.
  • Microscopy rooms.
  • Protein purification equipment laboratory.
  • Cleaning and sterilisation service.
Common Scientific Services equipment

Other scientific services:

Radioactive Facility
Special Reactions
Freezers and Cryotanks Storage