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It’s spring! Tap into its treasures

After a few weeks of record heat for the month of April, it has been raining all over the country for days now. We have gone from crowded beaches to white-capped mountains again. Sudden changes in temperatures, one minute in short sleeves, the next under an umbrella… It’s spring!

The days are getting longer and the pleasant temperatures make you want to get outdoors and back to nature. The markets are filled with the colours and smells of spring. Artichokes, pumpkins and broccoli make way for asparagus, peas and strawberries.

Seasonal foods are those that are at their peak of ripeness at that particular time of the year. They have grown naturally on trees or in the ground without the need to apply fast-growing chemicals. The fact that they do not spend so much time in cold storage and that no pesticides are used helps to preserve the environment.

The consumption of seasonal and local products reduces CO2 production due to transport and favours the maintenance of traditional agriculture, while respecting the local economy and the environment.

The water restrictions imposed to cope with the drought emergency have highlighted the importance of caring for the local primary sector. When choosing, let’s look for options that give value to agricultural and livestock farmers. More and more networks, cooperatives and associations of agricultural and livestock farmers are bringing local products closer to consumers. Spring and local produce are an unbeatable pair!