Vesismin is a company that develops and markets innovative disinfection products, specialized in the control of infections in hospital environments. Our experience and knowledge, shared with our collaborators, has made us grow and evolve to what we are now: a team of professionals 100%involved in the daily fight against hospital infections.


Vesismin collaborates with healthcare professionals to improve Patient Safety through:
– More effective hospital hygiene products (the result of our own R & D);
– More tactile products to use;
– Nontoxic or polluting products;
and an excellent accompaniment to the sale.


That is why Vesismin prioritizes the professional growth of our workers, transparency and honesty, and strict compliance with the most stringent regulations and quality systems.


In the Barcelona Science Park we want to develop our R & D to achieve this.

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Contact person: Victor Valles Nauffal

Location: Ed. Clúster - S1C43bis2